my name is Han. I’ve just landed back in New Zealand after a few years exploring our beautiful planet, working as contract Front-end web developer.

I found a passion for front-end web development back in 2011, I love the combination of creativity and logic required in this field. I am excited by the dynamic and ever-changing nature of web development. With new ideas and opportunities constantly emerging, it keeps me engaged, driven, and looking forward to the future.

My dream job is to be a part of a team working on new technology to help the world in some way. That might be a social enterprise, a NGO or something entirely new. I want to know that my work is making a difference for someone. I also really enjoy organising code, I always put a lot of focus and attention in to creating solid architecture within the code base, and writing code that is easy for all developers to understand, as well being performance focused.

If you are interested in working together or just want to say hello, you can do so via Twitter, LinkedIn, or send me an email: contacthanahmae@gmail.com