SANE Forums

The SANE Forums offer a vital peer-to-peer online community for Australians living with, or supporting someone with, complex mental illness. The Forums began operation in 2014 and have grown to over 10,000 registered members, and are offered across more than 50 partners via ‘skins’ branded for each partner.

The SANE forums are based on the Lithium Community Platform, a US-basedsoftware-as-a-service solution. Over time, the platform has been enhanced and customised, and interim solutions have been developed to address gaps in functionality.

screen shot of Punters private message feature at the time of development

Creating a product for people with mental illnesses means you have to be a bit more sensitive to your users needs than I had previously experienced. Often work would be completed a few weeks in advance, and we would wait until the moderators could communicate the updates to the community in advance. This would reduce some of the emotional stress for people who might be sensitive to change.

Key Project Deliverables

  • Work across all major browsers, including tablet and phones
  • Create base skin for use across all partners, to ensure code was easy to maintain and compoent styling cascaded through all partners
  • Each partner version to seamlessly integrate with their current branding
  • Ensure all updates were communicated with members before going live